Warranty & Returns

You can return a faulty product to us, provided:

    it is undamaged and unused;
    it is still in its original packaging
    it is not missing any accessories or parts;

you log a return via email within 2 days of delivery to you or collection by you of the faulty product. After 5 days, you can only return a product if it is defective.

We Regret strictly no cash refunds on correctly supplied items. Ordered products are usually confirmed via Whatsapp, photo's ect... . Measurements or images are sent to confirm the item in most cases. (In most cases certain addons or additional components may be required for even bolt-on applications, as we supply "Upgrade Products" ).

We cannot issue refunds, credit or exchanges on products / items that have been correctly supplied or that have been requested for and confirmed by a client prior to the order. (Such confirmation is usually done by email, Whatsapp and by imaging.)

No refunds, credit or replacements will be issued on a product already fitted or used on a vehicle unless the product proves to be faulty.

Please note: returns on items ordered will be at the expense of the customer / client.

Faulty product returns:

We do our best to ensure that the products we deliver to you are of a high quality, and in good working order and without defects.

Any shortages of your order, errors, or damages made to the shipment must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of the order. All damages not reported to Turbo Replacement within this time frame, will be the purchaser’s responsibility and may be subtracted from total replacement amount. Please ship the authorized product(s) with its original packaging to ensure the integrity of the product enclosed with the invoice number.

The faulty product returned will be tested by Turbo Replacement to validate that they are indeed faulty/defective. Should the product be faulty/defective, a replacement product will be sent to you within 10 business days, with return courier cost at the customers expense. This replacement product is subject to stock availability, failing which, a full refund will be given.

Should the product prove to not be faulty/defective, customer services will liaise with the customer and the product will be held by Turbo Replacement until a customer claims the product by covering shipping costs back to them. After a 30-day period, the product will be disposed of at Turbo Replacement’s discretion.

Any non performance part / product that is faulty within the first 6 months after the purchase date is eligible for a replacement or credit. If the product is still under warranty and already exchanged twice, the product can be credited or exchanged. (Unfortunately we cannot issue any form of warranty on performance products as there is they are normally pushed beyond controllable limits.)

The following will NOT be regarded as a faulty product and will not entitle you to a return:

    Change of heart / mind after purchase

    faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
    damage arising from negligence, customer abuse or incorrect usage of the product;
    damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion;
    damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product;
    damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product

    damage arising during installation of a product

Preparing your products for return:

To ensure your request is processed timely and effectively, please adhere to the below requirements when returning your product:

   * Bubble wrapped or in a box
   * Product needs to be complete with no missing parts
   * Show no signs of customer abuse
   * Must be accompanied with an invoice

Failing to adhere to these requirements may result in a delay in your request or the decline of your request.

Warranty Claims (Turbochargers)

As each unit is assembled, every individual part is thoroughly checked for defect or suspected fatigue. All turbochargers and turbocharger cartridge assemblies supplied by Turbo Replacement are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials and fit for purpose. 

Warranty will be honoured for a period (180) days from the date of end-user purchase, without regard for mileage used. Installation must be performed by an RMI accredited dealer.
Warranty liability is limited to the repair or replacement, at Turbo Replacement Pty Ltd exclusive option, of the unit in question. 
Warranty will not be honoured in case of damage or malfunction due to improper installation procedure, misuse, neglect, unauthorized dis-assembly or alteration, or externally induced physical damage. No warranty is made for any claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, unit removal or installation, equipment down-time, prospective profits or other economic loss) due to any defect deemed otherwise warrantable by Turbo Raplacement.
Any claim made under this limited warranty must be presented to Turbo Replacement within thirty (30) days from the date on which the claim arises, along with valid proof of end-user purchase date. Warranty claims must be routed direct with Turbo Replacement.
All units returned to Turbo Replacement for warranty consideration must be shipped freight prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted.
This limited warranty statement represents the complete warranty offered by Turbo Replacement on its new and remanufactured turbos, expressly in lieu of any other warranties, including any of merchantability, or suitability for a particular purpose. No individual is authorized to bind Turbo Replacement to any warranty not expressly set forth herein.
On receipt of any returned turbocharger units,turbo engineers will dismantle and inspect the turbocharger and determine the cause of failure. We will then notify the customer the results of the fault diagnosis. If it is deemed that the turbocharger has not been fitted correctly or some modification has been carried out by the customer or the turbocharger has been dismantled by a third party the turbo will not be covered under the warranty.
We offer a 90 days parts only warranty which does not cover any labour costs incurred by the customer for fitting or removal. No damages for distress, loss of earnings or costs incurred for independent advice are covered by the warranty.
Warranty does not cover any turbocharger supplied if it is modified in any way or fitted to any other vehicle than that which it was supplied for. Any alteration to the vehicles ECU system, chipping or re-mapping will void the warranty.
If the vehicle is sold or given away the warranty does not pass to the new owner.
We will repair the unit if the turbocharger is serviceable and the necessary parts are available. If this is not possible we will replace the unit with another reconditioned turbocharger. In some uncommon instances it may be necessary to return the unit to the original manufacturer for diagnostics and repairs. We cannot predict or be held responsible for turnaround times in these instances.
Installation Procedure
1)    Clean or replace oil feed pipe 
2)    Flush intercooler
3)    Flush oil cooler
4)    Change oil
5)    Replace Air Filer
6)    Fit Turbo Charger with new Gaskets
7)    Check all bolts