16 Row Oil Cooler

16 Row Oil Cooler
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16 Row Oil Cooler

Core Size - 25.5cm x 12.2cm

Full Size - 33cm x 15.5cm ( Bracket to Bracket / Bottom to Top of Bolt )

Bolt Size - M22

An important addition to any high performance engine which gets worked hard is an Oil Cooler. Engines which are constantly run at high revs can easily overheat the oil. This causes the oil to become thinner and less protection is available, this in turn results in premature engine wear.

Our oil cooler radiators offer a popular solution to the oil overheating problem and can be easily fitted to any performance road and race bikes/cars. A big range of sizes to suit all engine types is available.


Great Cooling Capacity

Lightweight High Quality 6061 Aluminium

Can Be Used To Cool Engine Oil, Transmission Or Rear Diffs

Universal Mounting Brackets

Ideal For Track, Race & Drifting


The position of an oil cooler is important, they should always be fitted where air can pass through them easily (usually at the front of the car, near to the radiator) as it is airflow that will cool the oil as it flows through the oilways in the cooler.

Pipes connected to the engine supply oil to the cooler, a sandwich plate will normally fit between the engine block and the spin on oil filter for the pipes to be connected.