38mm V-Band Waste Gate

38mm V-Band Waste Gate
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38mm V-Band External Wastegate

1. Stainless-steel billet material 
2. Universal Fitment

3. 8PSI (0.55 Bar Spring)

38mm universal turbo external wastegate
Wastegates provide a means to control the boost pressure of the turbo charged engine. Wastegates work to bypass exhaust flow from the turbine wheel. Bypassing the exhaust flow reduces the power driving the turbine wheel to match the power required for a given boost level. Similar to the BOV, the Wastegates uses boost pressure and spring force to regulate the flow bypassing the turbine.
Wastegates are bolted to exhaust manifold or header. The advantage of external Wastegates is that the bypassed flow can be reintroduced into the exhaust stream further downstream of the turbine. This tends to improve the turbine’s performance.
A wastegate is a valve that diverts exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel in a turbocharged engine system. Diversion of exhaust gases regulates the turbine speed, which in turn regulates the rotating speed of the compressor. The primary function of the wastegate is to regulate the maximum boost pressure in turbocharger systems, to protect the engine and the turbocharger. One advantage of installing a remote mount wastegate to a free-float (or non-WG) turbo includes allowance for a smaller A/R turbine housing, resulting in less lag time before the turbo begins to spool and create boost
Material: ALU


All Cast Steel Body with Steel Head
No instructions included. Professional installation is highly recommended.
APPLICATION: suitable for all turbocharged vehicles with an external wastegate turbo system