63mm Mushroom Filter

63mm Mushroom Filter
63mm Mushroom Filter 63mm Mushroom Filter
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HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded intakes have been engineered to dramatically reduce the restriction caused by factory air boxes. The redesigned filter assembly has the same patented Super Funnel design from the previous generation, but also features new technical advances.
SUPER POWER FLOW RELOADED: is a high efficiency air cleaner system developed for high performance vehicles. Air induction efficiency is improved drastically by curl funnel effect, and produces improved engine response and cuts fuel consumption. Unlike conventional Air Filters, the HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Air Filter is re-usable and only requires change of new 3-layer dry filters which in the long run, is more cost efficient compared to changing a brand new air filter each time.

SUPER STEALTH FRAME: Newly developed hemisphere Super Stealth outer frame. Improved
air intake efficiency with increased air intake surface area from Super honeycomb Frame.

3 LAYER DRY FILTER:  The 3-layer dry-type polyurethane filter provides high air
intake efficiency, dust collecting ability, and long life.

SUPER INNER FRAME Streamlined cross section inner frame and framework. 16 frames
radically placed towards the center point of the frame. Simple lightweight frame design
provides smother air flow.

SUPER LIP FUNNEL: Super Lip Funnel is utilized as the identity of the HKS intake
system. Utilizing minimal space, the Super Lip Funnel maximizes the air intake surface area
therefore optimizing the air intake efficiency.


Filter cage allows for 30% more intake surface area

Aluminum back plate for added strength

Sealing ring reduces contaminants from entering engine

3 Layer, triple density dry filter element

16 Inner Frames

Iron on the bottom

Filter diameter: 150mm
Filter depth: 90mm
Connector Diameter: 63mm

Package Includes:

1 x HKS Super Power Flow Air Filter