Turbo Blow Off Valve Adapter / Spacer (Golf 6, Seat, Audi, VW)

Turbo Blow Off Valve Adapter / Spacer (Golf 6, Seat, Audi, VW)
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Sandwich type adapter that fits between the existing electrical solenoid and the  turbo charger housing (see below). On the 2.0 FSiT TFSi turbo, built into the  turbocharger housing, is a bypass facility. This allows charge air to be  recirculated around the turbo charger from the boost side back to the  intake side. This re-circulation path is opened and closed by means of an  electrical connection from the engine management to a solenoid that is  mounted on the turbocharger housing. As you accelerate , the turbo  charger vanes are spinning and boost pressure is increased, literally  blowing into the engine cylinders. While you change to a higher gear the throttle  valve to the engine closes. The problem here is that during this  process the turbo is still spinning and the boost pressure that it is  producing has no where to go. (This is a bit like putting you hand over a  hair dryer so the air cannot get out) What happens at this point is the  turbo starts to stall, the spinning vanes slow down (incurring a lot of  stress) and the boost pressure drops. When  the throttle valve opens again the  turbo has lost its momentum, boost pressure and there is a pause or a  "Lag" before the engine is producing the required power once again. To  combat this loss of power and stress on the turbo, a re-circulation or  diverter valve is used. When the throttle valve closes, the  engine management opens the re-circulation route around the turbo. This  gives the charge air an alternative route and allows the turbocharger to  keep spinning so that when you accelerate again there is no "lag" or  waiting period. This system works well and is adopted by nearly all  vehicle manufacturers on turbo charged petrol engine applications. The  only downside to this system is that a turbo chargers produce heat.  By recirculating the hot air back into the intake  side of a turbo the temperatures increase. This is where the Blow Off or  Dump valve plays its part. By expelling the charge air to atmosphere  rather than recirculating it, you do not increase the intake air  temperature but you do allow the turbo to keep spinning. The side effect  which is unacceptable to most vehicle manufacturers is the noise of the  valve expelling the air. By fitting the adapter between the existing  solenoid and the turbo housing (this involves removing only 3 bolts) the  air is re-directed to atmosphere rather than recirculated.
Fits:VW and Audi 2.0L FSI and TSI engines with the Bosch ME9 engine management systems.
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